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Sometimes we don't want or need a whole course but just wish to have quick commands, dowsing charts and simple ideas for pendulum dowsing around a single topic.

Charts, commands and pendulum healing protocol designed to clear the charge and energy left behind after emotional trauma.

The law of vibration states everything in the universe is energy, we also have a vibrational energetic frequency which can be lowered through lifestyle, daily events, other people's energy or subconscious patterns stuck in our cellular energy and memory.

When you free low vibrational patterns contained in emotional imprints this frees up your energy and you may find it easier to manifest, to follow your life purpose, create and be productive.  This, in turn, enables you to live life on purpose in the present instead of living in the past.

All emotional trauma contains two aspects, the original story, and the emotional energetic charge left behind in the cellular energy and memory which can cause a negative triggering response to events happening in our daily lives.

The dowsing charts and commands can help you or your clients break free of lower vibe heavy negative energetic emotions and clear the energy charge around them. 

It's simple, easy, safe and effective to clear trapped emotional blocks from the emotional subtle energy body layer and takes seconds to do with the pendulum and the right commands.

Emotional freedom means not being afraid of what the future will bring and commanding self-mastery with inner peace.

Within this amazing healing resource package you will receive:

  • An emotional vibration energy chart
  • How to use the pendulum for energy healing guide
  • The exact protocol I would use for clients
  • An emotional vibration healing energy checklist
  • Pre-dowsing checklist to use for dowsing safely for yourself or others.
  • The checklists as excel spreadsheets so you can adapt and modify for your own purposes.


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