Commanding Planetary Energy

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The ability to command planetary energy and magic has been known in the astrological and alchemical realm for thousands of years. Planetary power is vast and contains energy frequencies that can clear and shift long-standing blocks in seconds.

These downloads contain a powerful new way of working with planetary energy using the pendulum for dowsing and healing. The energy, power, and magic of the planets can be harnessed and used for clearing, healing and manifesting.

The dowsing charts make it extremely easy to locate the right planetary energy to work with at any time and for any goal.

Using a planetary hours app you can locate the ruling planet of the day as well as the planetary hour.

You might want to command the hour of the SUN for success, improving health or wealth.

The hour of MARS will be beneficial for accessing inner courage and strength.

The hour of the MOON can be utilised for increased wisdom and ability to receive.

The ability to create and direct our future lies from within, planetary energy is within each one of us and these tools, charts, and commands can enable you to access this astrological portal of magical strength, healing and wisdom.

Instant Downloads Include:

Chart of planetary aspects and set of instructions. 

How to work with planetary glyphs as power portals for healing the subtle energy body.

Dowsing planetary chart with specific corresponding areas of the body that you can use as a strength or weakness dowsing test for the subtle energy body.

A page of commands for each of the 10 planetary energies so you can immediately start working with planetary energy.

A page of planetary glyphs so you can use them with a representation of the energy body to command self-healing for the subtle energy body.


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